Quality Kit Green Houses and Solariums

Allow natural light and enjoy you experience under a canopy.

Everlast Canopies are designed to maximize the use of any area that is exposed to inclement weather. Glass canopies are also a popular way to provide natural light. Have you ever used your barbecue in the winter? Now you can do it in comfort!

Everlast Canopies are custom designed for many different buildings and structures. We provide the highest quality of workmanship to ensure watertight, trouble free performance.

Everlast Canopies are manufactured with structural aluminum extrusions. All aluminum extrusions are available with an anodized, baked on enamel or powder coated finish to ensure the highest quality and integrity.

Canopies can be provided with glass or polycarbonate. The most common designs are straight eave and curved eave. Enjoy the refreshing experience of being protected while outdoors.

Contact our staff at Everlast Greenhouses & Solariums Ltd. for more information on our canopy options.