Quality Kit Green Houses and Solariums

Everlast provides ”Store Front” glazing in commercial entranceways, custom homes, hotels and retail outlets. Storefront materials are designed and manufactured with the highest quality to withstand extensive use.

All Everlast storefront material is either anodized or baked on enamel. We provide a wide variety of colors to choose from. All doors are designed with two styles of hinges (Butt or Pivot) and high quality closures to eliminate any door slamming.

Everlast storefront material is ‘thermally-broken’ to ensure no transmission of the outside temperature.

Most storefronts are designed with ”Low E” glass which provides excellent energy efficiency in summer or winter. ”Low E” glass is a transparent film that is installed inside every glass unit which filters the suns energy in the summer and reduces heat loss in the winter. Argon Gas is also installed in every glass unit as well. Argon is clear while providing fantastic energy efficiency.

For your next storefront project be sure to contact our staff at Everlast Greenhouses & Solariums Ltd.